ONEvow (2019)

ONE year of soulful self-care, in-person gatherings, guided practices + vowing to live your most fully expressed & deeply connected life.

ONEvow in-person circle gatherings are centrally located in Hyde Park. Supportive digital content is provided throughout each month.


Now's the time to take a journey, just for you. A year of gathering in circle for guided soulful self-care practices that bring your needs to the surface. Powerful themes to help you find yourself again. Boldly saying YES to doing exactly what you want to do, and being more of who you want to be.

ONEvow with Jocelyn Cates

Imagine what you could do with a dedicated tribe of like-minded women, a wholehearted facilitator, and 12 months of inspired themes to dive in to.

Imagine what it would feel like to make space for spending soulful time getting clear on your highest priorities and emerging with an unapologetic determination to be accountable to them.

If you can imagine that, then you know how everything can change. If you can imagine that, ONEvow is meant for you.


ONEvow brings the tradition of women’s circle gatherings into the modern day.

Through profound monthly themes delivered through ONEvow digital content and in-person monthly circles, you’ll explore your inner-most self, find clarity, and become empowered to live at your fullest most authentic level.

ONEvow 2019 Includes:

12 months of authentic self-care and wild momentum. Our first in-person circle is on January 6, 2019 and we end with a bang December 14, 2019. Through this guided inner-work and community of like-minded women, you'll experience awareness, alignment, action, and accountability like never before.

Each month you'll be guided in the following themes through practices, content, challenges, and conversation. The powerful ritual of showing up for yourself in a whole new way, month after month, will have you experiencing breakthroughs in your life, relationships, and career like never before. 

January: Intuition & Vulnerability 

Allowing your wiser/higher self to be heard and honoring what you hear. 

February: Truth & Authenticity 

Stepping into more of who you really are. 

March: Eliminating & Setting Boundaries

Cutting out what drains you, saying no more often, and making space for recharging yourself.

April: Body Love 

We will work on our awareness and connection to our physical body and total self acceptance.

May: Intimacy, Femininity, & Pleasure 

Pleasure is your birthright. This month is all about allowing yourself to feel pleasure in many different ways. 

June: Awareness & Alignment

Knowing what you most desire, and living intentionally in a way that moves you closer to your dream lifestyle.

July: OPTIONAL RETREAT! * 2-Days of Soul Shifting and Upleveling 

August: Boundless Courage

Taking inspired and bold action that pushes you out of your comfort zone (this actually is where the magic happens- it's true!).

September: Personal Power

Owning who you are and what you want to experience in your life.

October: Wealth Mindset & Abundance

Raising your money magnet vibration. It's time to earn the income that you deserve! 

November: Wild Optimism 

Fully owning your power and knowing that everything is unfolding in your favor. All good things, my friend! 

December: Ease, Flow, Fun & Adventure

Life is meant to be fully lived. We end the year with a bang- and promises of continued growth, success, deeper connections, and adventure!



Our monthly ONEvow circle is where you commit to yourself in a new way. It’s about breakthroughs, vulnerability, and the bravery it takes to truly show up in a way that honors who you are at your core. It's about self love and loyalty to yourself and your DREAMS. We practice carving out space for ourselves each month, and showing up again and again, even in the midst of life's busyness.

We will move through our ONEvow 2019 themes and accompany each practice with self-care through deep connecting, journaling, mini-meditations™, stillness, ease, acceptance, patience, and love. 

Midyear is the perfect time for celebrating and calibrating where we're at in life and this year-long journey. 

We’ll gather in circle as a group for workshop time and will include plenty of solo time to recharge and reflect.

I'll guide visioning for your life and creating action plans for upleveling in every area. One thing is for sure- busting through fears and stepping outside of comfort zones will be on the agenda.

There will be space for getting cozy, having fun, bonding, writing, relaxing, and nourishing your body/mind/soul.

We’ll dream and scheme, meditate, and deep dive. And, there will definitely be special guests and surprises!

***Complete retreat details and pricing are TBD. This is an optional retreat for ONEvow members only. If you opt-out of the retreat experience, this will be an implementation month (i.e. no regular monthly circle, pop-ups, etc.)



There's a such thing as contagious momentum! Each month there'll be a time and place announced for in-person coworking and accountability pop-ups, plus a social pop-up each month. I mean, accountability can come with a side of cocktails, right?

This is an opportunity to come together to collectively gain momentum on individual projects. If you have something that MUST get done, but you keep putting it off and off, and off... this is a special time for the kick-in-the-butt you need to GET IT DONE. 

There is a need for real life connecting theses days. We heal when we're together and practicing truth and vulnerability. When we share what we want and who we truly are- we GROW, we EXPAND. This gives others permission to do the same and it’s where magic happens.

When we make space for self-care and honoring our dreams, it has a ripple effect on everything else around us, and we all experience shared momentum, growth, and upleveling.

The ONEvow Digital Content will feature additional prompts, support, and encouraging content through each month to further support your journey in soulful self-care and personal growth. A beautiful addition to our in-person sessions. 

ONEvow Flex and ONEvow Immersion Members will have lifetime access to ONEvow Digital Content.

ONEvow Digital Content Includes:

Monthly Mantras

I'll provide an uplifting mantra that supports each monthly theme. Your mantra will help you stay connected to yourself and your vow.


I’ll share an exclusive guided mini-meditation that ties into each month’s focus. I may share a (audio/video) guided meditation, visualization, or mindfulness practice. 

5 Day Activations

Every month I'll guide 5 straight days of free flow writing prompts that will create a direct channel to your intuition. Brace yourself for incredible self-realizations and soul-shifts!  

PMA Weekends

Allow me to support you in taking time out, once a month, for a PMA Weekend. That's - Present Moment Aware Weekend - as in unplugged and tuned in. Game changer status.

Membership Portal

Every bit of your monthly content is delivered to you in a focused, organized, and distraction free way in your own member portal. This makes every practice easy for you to access. Anywhere, anytime. No excuses.

Easy Now Tribe

This is private FB group. In this group you have the opportunity to build high-quality relationships that will support, encourage and challenge you to honor yourself.




You're a powerful creator.

"When you find yourself slipping back into the spiral o’ overwhelm, remember that you are a powerful creator and (thanks to Jocelyn) you’ve got everything you need to find flow."

Nikki Elledge Brown
Creator, Naptime Empires™ and A Course About Copy®

ONEvow will show you how...

  • Putting yourself, your desires, and your well-being at the top of the priority list changes everything. #NOTSELFISH
  • Owning your schedule and consciously deciding where you choose to spend your time and energy is essential.
  • Pinpointing what drains you and letting it go will light you up!
  • The more time you spend reflecting, the faster your dreams will take shape in your reality. #UPLEVEL
  • Elevating your wealth mindset and eliminating self-doubt will create changes in your bank account. #moneymagnet
  • Tuning into yourself is exactly how you'll start to feel fully awake and in charge of your life.
  • Engaging with like minds creates wild momentum.
  • Diving deep within for answers and trusting what you learn is the key to becoming aligned and attracting everything you desire for your life. 
  • Connection is the key ingredient for a well-lived, well-enjoyed life.
  • Learning to become fully OPEN to receiving *support *love *miracles *abundance creates boundless opportunities.
  • We all have a purpose in this life, and it’s meant to be realized. #AWAKEN
  • Living your wildest dreams is possible.
  • Owning your flaws and weaknesses make you 100x more authentic and empowered in every way. #SELFAWARENESS  
  • Letting go of judgment of yourself and others is a gorgeous way to exist.
  • You are worthy of every single thing you crave. Knowing exactly what you crave is the missing link.
  • Allowing yourself to fully be guided is transformational in every way
  • Self-love, self-awareness, and self-acceptance is awakened through reflection + connection.

I know you’re an incredibly capable, talented, and unique human being. I know that you love with your whole heart. I also know that the core of you is dying to be revealed. I know you want to feel awake in your life. I know that you feel like you’re not really living up to your potential. You feel like your light has been dimmed. I know that you are ready to get it back, for good.. and that my friend, sets my mission on fire. Because, I can help.  

It starts by saying yes to guidance. By saying YES to the #YEAROFYOU. 

YES! I'm Ready




You'll expand into all that you're meant to be. 

"Jocelyn inspires us to explore what we're deeply craving, and connect to what matters most. From that place of connection, you'll expand into all that you're meant to be and the most miraculous life will unfold in front of you."

Natalie MacNeil
Emmy Award-winning media entrepreneur and the creator of and

Reflect on Purpose, Find Flow, Deeply Connect.

In order to create the life you want and experience what you desire to experience, you're going to need self-care strategies and mentorship. The practices I guide will help you unlock new levels of ease, clarity, focus, self love, positive energy, productivity, intuitive connection, and confidence in your life.




Find peace, calm, happiness and inspiration.

"When I want peace, calm, happiness, and inspiration, I turn to my friend Jocelyn Cates."

James Altucher
Serial Entrepreneur, Bestselling Author, Venture Capitalist, and Podcaster

Your life is meant to be fully lived. 

It's time to put yourself at the top of the list.

It's time to get your wellbeing off the back-burner.

It's time to connect with your wisest self and say YES to everything you want to experience in this life. 

Creating a wildly purposeful life begins with unapologetically committing to consistent self-care. #NOTSELFISH



Reflect, grow, and become more empowered.

"Jocelyn is truly helping women to reflect, grow, and become more empowered, which is what I teach and how I live daily. She has really got “IT”!"

Kelsey Patel
LA's Leading Wellness Empowerment Coach and Reiki Expert 

Allow me to guide you in true self-care practices that layer up and change everything. 

I want to help you put your finger on what it is that’s beckoning you. To remind you to honor your truest self. To guide you in experiencing all the changes that self-reflection, fierce self-love, and renewed inner clarity will bring you. 

I want to support you to thrive and achieve, without sacrificing your well-being or family time. 

I want to support you in being happy now, even if you’re striving for more. 

I want you to fully allow yourself to be open and ready for amazing things to unfold in your life.

I want you to receive more.

Because you deserve it all, my friend.



Reflecting + connecting is the highest form of self care.

I want to guide you in tapping into who you are deep down. The origin of who you truly are. And waking her up. Fully and completely. 




Connect with yourself, and your family.


"Jocelyn has done a superb job offering women tools to connect with themselves and their families. Her openness is refreshing, and she shares her personal story with ease and grace. Jocelyn immediately feels like a trusted friend."

Ali Katz
Motivational Speaker, Coach, and Best-selling Author of "Hot Mess to Mindful Mom: 40 Ways to Find Balance and Joy in Your Every Day" 

ONEvow 2019 Options

Through this ONE year journey you'll honor your own personal vow that embodies your values, what you deeply desire for your life, and your commitment to living in full alignment.

ONEvow 2019 Digital + Flex


Per Month (or $365 One Time Yearly)

Full Digital Membership

Personal Member Online Portal

Monthly Mantra, Guided Mini-Meditations™, PMA Weekends, 5-Day Activation Challenges

Digital Access From Anywhere in the World

Lifetime Access to Digital Content

FLEX (5) - Drop in to Any 5 Available ONEvow Self-Care Circles in 2019 

*NOTE: ONEvow Self-Care Circles are separate from Full Immersion Group Circles. 

ONEvow Self-Care Circles are 45 minutes

One-Time Payment Available- $365 (only one dollar a day!)

Join Waitlist

ONEvow 2019


Per Month

Monthly Immersive Group Circles + Mentorship (2 hours)

Community of Like-Minded Women Committed to Upleveling, Personal Wellbeing, and True Self-Care

1x Monthly Accountability Co-Working Pop-Up

1x Monthly Social / Happy Hour Pop-Up

ONEvow Digital Membership Included

Optional Midyear 2-Day ONEvow Retreat 

Inner Circle Private FB Group 

*All Immersive In-Person Sessions will be held on a Sunday (1-3pm) at The LB, located in Hyde Park.

*1x Monthly Co-Working Pop Ups will be held at Fueled Collective in Hyde Park or Three Points Brewery, located in Cincinnati.

Early Access and Special Savings on Live Events & Retreats

Applications Open Soon

ONEvow 2019


Per Month

Monthly Immersive Group Circles + Mentorship (2 hours)

Community of Like-Minded Women Committed to Upleveling, Personal Wellbeing, and True Self-Care

1x Monthly Accountability Co-Working Pop-Up

1x Monthly Social / Happy Hour Pop-Up

Optional Midyear 2-Day ONEvow Retreat 

*This is the Immersion ONEvow Membership, sans the digital support & content.

Applications Open Soon

Frequently Asked Questions

Each monthly in-person circle is another opportunity to deepen your practice, and your relationships with others in ONEvow. You're not required to attend every month, but it's highly suggested! 

We're kindred spirits, my friend. Introverts are welcome (I am one!). You'll find that this space is cozy and welcoming. All you have to do is show up, allow yourself to be guided, and be exactly who you are. 

You may reach out to me directly at [email protected] to discuss your commitment at any time.

All our in-person circle dates will be released in December. Complete dates and details for our July retreat will be confirmed no later than March 1, 2019.


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